Kyrie Irving as Uncle Drew

Ball Handling Program


This is great. All the players watching from the sidelines reminds me of the playgrounds I grew up playing on. Too many miles and jumps on my legs to be playing on concrete now though, haha.

Seems like all those girls just showed up out of nowhere — no one complaining though.

Uncle Drew could become a viral star like the Old Spice guy or Verizon’s “Can you hear me now?” man… but don’t think the secret of Uncle Drew really being Kyrie could’ve been kept quiet for long. Probably not.

UPDATE: After writing the above, I read this, which enlightened me that the players is the park didn’t know what was up until later, which makes this even better. Wonder what the scene looked like when it was reveled who was the 60-year-old man crossoing over and dunking. Kyrie is a great actor also with the ‘old-man talk’. Good shit.

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