Launch by Jeff Walker (@JeffWalker) [Book Review]

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“And at the end of the day, no matter what business you’re in, you are really in the business of influencing your prospects and your clients. And your launch sequence gives you the ultimate opportunity to activate those mental triggers that will influence your prospects and clients.”

I’ve heard Jeff Walker being talked up by a few online entrepreneurs whose achievements I respect. Yet I had never consumed any of Jeff’s material myself. I solved that problem by reading Launch.

Simply started, Launch is Jeff’s validation of his claim that he knows better than anyone alive how to sequence the sale of products and services online. Launch isn’t the entire system, but it’s a good start for newbies and a good checklist for seasoned online launchers.

Jeff has his own coaching and programs he offers online at prices much higher than the price of the Launch book, and many case studies in Launch of people who decided to dive in and invest in them.

As stated, I’m new to Jeff so I don’t have any firsthand review to give you. The least you could do is read the book and decide what your next step is.
You Should Read Launch IF: You’re an online entrepreneur who wants to sell more, higher priced goods more efficiently to happy consumers who become raving fans in addition to being repeat customers. Not that this book alone will do all that, but if this is your goal, you’d be smart to obtain as many resources as possible to help you get there. A guy who’s sold millions of dollar worth of product would be a good resource.

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