Leaders Don’t Need to Be Convinced To Move

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Leaders Don't Need to Be Convinced To Move dre baldwin dreallday.comThe person who moves first is always perceived as the leader. When a group moves together, the person in front is seen as leading, even if she has the least amount of power of anyone there. Leaders are always first: First in the room, first to decide, first dibs on the deer the pack just killed.

If you are a leader, or strive too be accepted as one, know that a true leader does not need to be motivated into action. Leaders inspire action out of everyone else. People move out of the way of leaders. No one needs to move out of your way if you’re not even moving.

If you’re waiting — for information, for advice, for motivation — to move, you’re not leading. Maybe you don’t even want to lead. I don’t know. You should know that the leaders are the ones moving before and without being told to.

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