Leadership Goal: Give No Orders

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A boss tells people what to do. There are always things to do. Which means a boss will be working forever.

Being a boss sounds fun, and it times it can be, but it’s a lot of work with no exit strategy since the people you command need you to tell them what to do. They can’t/won’t do it on their own. And they don’t want to. They need the boss.

The goal of a leader is to infuse his spirit and ideas into the people around him. Eventually those people can do the job all by themselves, provide the motivation to others on their own, and don’t need the leader to lord over them. The leader can get himself out of the way.

You goal is not to Boss people. You want to Lead people.

How do you spot a leader? Look at who comes after him. A Leader produces more leaders who lead others (Jay-Z for example led Roc-A-Fella, which birthed Kanye, who has his own stable to lead now. Even Beanie Sigel started State Property, and Memphis Bleek had a small movement for awhile. It’s not about them all being great — obviously there will be those who come up short —  but notice here how they all had the seeds of leadership planted in them and they all took action on it).

A boss only produces followers who cannot stand on their own too well. You can get rich and be highly successful with a whole bunch of followers, for the record.

A boss is not a bad person. A boss just always has to get out there and do the legwork. A leader eventually can kick his feet up. Look at Jay-Z these days.

The goal of a leader is to eventually give no orders.