Let The Water Boil

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Let The Water Boil - Dre BaldwinWith our social media connection and the attention we all give to it, sharing everything you’re up to/thinking about/about to do is a hell of a temptation. We want to show off, impress the crowd, and be a part of the conversation. And we all give in to that pull, at times — some more than others.

But you know that the most valuable achievements take time and effort, much of which has no glamour or brag-able actions attached to them.

When you’re doing this work, building something for the future, you sometimes have to leave from in front of the stove, watching the water boil. Go into the living room, sit down and watch TV — better yet, read a book. Let the work play out and focus on the payoff at the end.

You’ll be out of the conversation in the short term, but you will BE the conversation in the long run.

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