Life & Death: Urgency Is Your Best Friend

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Life & Death dre baldwinLiving as if death is on my heels… I’ll be on this topic a lot this year, I feel.

Nailing it down is hard to do. I read the 50th Law and 50 Cent said, “after I got shot, I thought, ‘this could happen again at any time. I better do what I wanna do.’ I started to live like I never lived before…”.

I was listening to Magic Johnson on the radio and he made the off hand comment that he gets high off of life — when he said that it made me think of 50 (‘success is my drug of choice — I’m high off life…’ – Outta Control), then I remembered that Magic was/is the most famous HIV case in history — no one thought he’d be alive 20+ years later.

Tony Robbins said in this video, “When do people start to live? When they face death.”

Robert Greene talks incessantly about living as if death is nipping at your heels (he rarely blogs but I challenge you to read through the 7 pages of archives alone).

Nipsey Hussle’s “Who Detached Us” uses an excerpt  from a Steve Jobs speech that I love.

I have never been in a serious accident or had a bad disease or even had as much as a broken bone. But I want the feeling these people have/had without needing tragedy (or manufacturing a tragedy) to feel it. I think about it daily, and once I figure it out in a way that I can articulate well, I will write more about it — in the meantime I’ll be working through the thoughts via these posts. I think a book will come out of this.