Life Isn’t A Risk-Free Trial

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In online sales, the risk-free trial is a great closing offer.

I’ve made my pitch for all of this page, and I need one last thing to make you pull the trigger and enter your credit card information. The 30-day Risk-Free Trial saves hesitant customers from the only thing between them and my product: Fear.

[Interesting point: Most poeple never use the products they purchase. And even fewer exercise the money-back guarantee.]

People are afraid of risk. There are a few of us who makes a career out of risking our lives; the rest of us shift our fears to things like a mere $29.99. And this attitude bleeds into the rest of our lives.

We don’t want to do anything that involves a possible risk.

Public speaking.

Writing and publishing a blog post.

Recording (and publishing) a video for YouTube.

Offering an opinion on anything that people might disagree with.

But life is not a risk-free trial.

You can’t try the product out. You can’t return it if you don’t like it one day. You can’t call the credit card company and claim it was an unauthorized purchase. You’re stuck with the product and the only way to get maximum return from it is to risk things.

Think about it: Aren’t all your best accomplishments the result of risk? Talking to that girl at the mall. Investing that money. Asking boldly for what you wanted instead of meekly accepting what was handed to you.

What’s the greatest thing you’ve achieved by being safe and cautious?

I’ll wait.