Lights Out: If Your Shining Light Bothers Others, It’s their Problem, Not Yours

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Lights Out: If Your Shining Light Bothers Others, It's their Problem, Not Yours - Dre BaldwinIf you’re good, or really good at what you do — relative to the people around you — you may run into an issue.

You will find that the people around you may resent your abilities, your success, and the attention that finds you. What do you do?

Get mad at them and make it worse? No. Then you’re no better than them. Getting angry at people you’re supposed to be working with rarely works.

Quit to avoid the situation? No. You’ll run into the same situation in the next group you join and reinforce this habit of avoidance.

Turn down your own performance to make others feel better? No. That would be cheating yourself, and disrespecting yourself: You worked for your abilities and you owe it to the universe to express it.

What you do is perform as you are capable of, and if that separates you from them, good. Keep performing that way. Set the example. Say nothing about it. Make them have to rise to your level, and if they are incapable of unwilling, that’s their problem, not yours.

When you have light, it is your job to shine. If others can’t handle the brightness, they can go back in the house.

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