Would You Like Refreshments? How To Keep Asking

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Every flight you’re on, the flight attendants come don the aisle wth the cart.

International flights have meals, and every flight offers basic refreshments.

As long as you’re visibly awake, the flight attendant goes right down the line, stopping at at each row:

Would you like refreshments? We have water, apple juice and orange juice to drink. We also have pretzels and crackers. 

You answer and that’s that.

What if someone says no? What if you don’t want  a drink or snack? What if you’re sleeping and not awake to notice the cart coming past? What does the flight attendant do?

Nothing. She keeps right on going.

You mean, no convincing you to take a cup of OJ? No lowering the price to get you to sign up for pretzels? 

No. You either want it or you don’t. The cart moves on, with or without you.

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How are you running your business? Do you try turning non-buyers into buyers by coercion? Do hope to get people to see the value in your offer by lowering prices? Are you (unsuccessfully) convincing people to do what they don’t want to to do?

If yes, stop it. Move on. Ask another person if they’re interested. Find new clients. Refill your pipeline with leads. Make more calls. Deliver more value to the marketplace. Each one of these actions is an ask. The more you ask, the closer you are to a yes.

But you’re not a magician. Don’t try to do hocus-pocus on a no. Let them sleep.

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