Listen Faster: The World Doesn’t Slow Down For You

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listen faster dre baldwinThe world will not slow down for you to catch up.

Don’t let your scholastic experiences fool you. In the “real world”, where people are responsible only for their own success and not yours (like a school teacher is in some ways), the group will move on without you when you “don’t understand.” If someone is talking too fast, you need to listen a little faster. When you get sick and miss a day or deice to take some time off or oversleep because you stayed out/up late, the globe does not stop spinning. If you catch up, cool. If not — doesn’t matter. I don’t know what to do and I need help and I don’t understand will not slow down everyone else. They’ll do what pack animals do: leave the weak, old and sick behind, to die alone and be eaten by predators.

It’s not personal, just how the world turns. You better keep up.

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