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Listen To That New Idea | Dre BaldwinI often meet people who are just a bit too smart for their own good.

These are the kind of people you’ve probably met before also: They think they’ve seen it all and know everything that’s going to happen before it does (often from a negative perspective). This type of person is defensive — radar up for someone trying to take from them or fuck them over in some way, shape or form. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean people aren’t out to get you.

This defensive position is like a turtle and its shell. There are some inherent benefits, but ultimately many more negatives than positives. You move slow, can’t or won’t seize opportunities, don’t learn anything new, and your defensiveness costs you genuinely good things because you’re sure you know all about it.

Have you known anyone who fits this profile?

I get ideas and propositions sent my way daily. I don’t partake in all of them — honestly, most of them are just bad ideas that benefit the asker much more than they benefit me. But I always listen or read or watch the information, because you never know who will have something that I could actually want to be involved in. And I’d never know about it if I wasn’t open to listening.

The current design of this website.

Many of my most popular videos.

All ideas from other people that I was at least willing to consider. Because you never know.