Live Online Classes

I am offering live online interaction via PowHow, for players of every level, to share information, learn from and enrich your games. The necessary information:

  • All specific conference information (topics, dates & times) and costs are and will be posted here
  • Classes will be small group (2-8 people) or private one-on-one
  • You sign up beforehand and your spot is reserved
  • If you cannot make the scheduled times, you can request a specific date and time
  • Different topic offerings are in the works, so stay tuned to the class schedule page to see what’s next
  • This is not a YouTube video — only those in the live stream will see and hear what happens
  • I can see and hear you; you can see and hear me. You can also hear others in the room when in a small group. Thus, this will be interactive — there will be back-and-forth discussion, question & answer periods, and you can hear everyone else’s questions and answers

That just about covers it. Check it out for yourself and sign up!

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