“Looking Into It” Won’t Solve Your Problems

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Someone came to me with a specific challenge today. He even made sure to emphasize how serious his problem was.

I’m happy he thought of me as a provider of solutions, as I had one for him.

When I offered my suggestion, he replied, thanks! I’ll look into it.

If that’s all he did, I’m 100% sure he STILL has the same problem.

“Looking into,” “thinking about,” “looking up,” “evaluating” and “researching” things don’t solve problems. Decisions and actions solve problems. [shareable cite=”@DreAllDay”]’Looking into’ things don’t solve problems. Decisions and actions solve problems.[/shareable]

Looking into a solution is what got this proud problem-owner where he was to begin with. No problem has ever been solved by someone “looking into it.”

What sadly happens is people fail to understand this, and never DO anything, and condition themselves to accept their problems as things they’ll have to live with.

And so begins the spiral of unhappiness we mask with social media posts of our highlights.

What are you still looking into that you need to take some damn action on???