Loving The Process: I Love The Boring, Everyday Work. Do You?

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Loving The Process - Dre Baldwin“The Process” is the boring, long-time work that you do when you’re working on a goal that is far out ahead of you (months or years). The Process is a road that has a lot of dead bodies on it of those who couldn’t take the long walk. There are also many pathways that have been paved leading off from the road, made by those who couldn’t handle the pain and quit.

What I love most about The Process is exactly what I just explained; many people aren’t strong enough to last in it. Just by sticking to the plan, staying the course, you can win. The skills you need will develop as long as you have made a habit out of showing up to work.

So, you may be thinking, ‘if The Process is so simple, why doesn’t everyone do it? There has to be more to it than this!’


There is nothing else to it. It is simple – show up every day, do your job, and come back the next day. It’s not easy, though, because of the many temptations to quit or seek shortcuts along the way.

You’ll see others who seemingly didn’t follow The Process yet have reached success (whatever you perceive to be success), and start feeling sorry for yourself. You’ll be ridiculed by people who can’t understand why you’re even trying to follow The Process — these are the people who never did it themselves, so what would they know?

The Process is a battle of you vs. your own mind. Self-discipline is the only tool you need to win.

Most people lose.

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