Mad Action: Make Getting Angry Work For You

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Mad Action - Dre Baldwin

When was the last time this happened: You felt listless as you were doing some lazy activity, and then something happened that made you mad. This could be anything — practicing your jump shot, house cleaning, writing an email at work. The anger in asking about doesn’t even have to have been related to the activity; you just happened to be doing it when the anger hit you.

What happened next?

You started working with much more fervor. Your instincts sharpened. You fixed an issue that seemed to be an insurmountable challenge just a few minutes prior. You plowed right though something that you’d been putting off because you didn’t want to put forth all that effort.

Forget about you: you’ve seen this happen to other people you know, even your friends. All of a sudden, the bullshit excuses, laziness and apathy all go away when someone gets mad.

Anger can work for you, when you can learn to control and channel the energy. Don’t let it steer the car, but it can definitely be the engine.


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