The Magnet Theory: Proximity Attracts Things To You

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The Magnet Theory: Proximity Attracts Things To You - Dre BaldwinThe closer we get to things, the higher the chances are that we attract those things into our lives.

If you are a recovering alcoholic and just left a 12-step program, one of your instructions would be to not hang out in the places you used to hang out when you indulged in drinking. Because hanging around there, even if you declined offers to drink, would greatly increase the likelihood that you would fall back in and take a sip.

When you want something, the best thing you can do to help your chances is to get close to it. Hang around the people who are who you want to become. Read about and study the position you want to have. Visit the place you want to live. Focus on and visualize the things you want do and have.

We all know that a magnet the size of your finger can pull a small object, such as a paperclip, to it. When the magnet is five feet away, however, nothing happens. The closer the magnet and the paperclip get to each other, the more likely the attraction happens and the paperclip gets pulled to the magnet.

It’s the same way with humans, and our brains are much stronger than even the largest magnet when it comes to attracting things to us. Look around you and see what your brain has done for you already. If there are some things you’d like to see changed, then you know what you have to do.