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I was listening to a podcast interview this morning. 

The show’s guest was touted as being very successful at building large audiences for people’s Facebook business pages. That’s a valuable topic; right now in the marketing space, everyone and their mother is pointing to Facebook as the place to be for building an audience. 

The guest’s accomplishments sounded impressive enough; he name-dropped several well-known people he says he’s worked for and produced great results for. I gleaned a few tactics from him that I’ll be using myself. 

At the end of the interview, the star guest made an offer to the audience about an event he was hosting and teaching at, and he even offered listeners a way to get a free ticket to attend. 

Let’s say that event was in Miami, where I live. 

I would have had to think twice about taking the ticket; even a free one. 

Not because I question the value of the subject. Not because I doubt the guest’s track record. 

It’s because the star guest was/is not a good teacher. At all. 

How do I know? I’d never heard of him before, and can’t even remember his name right now without looking it up. How am I so sure that he sucks? 

Because the guest couldn’t clearly explain what he was doing, the why or the how behind it. 

The host of the show gave the guest several chances to do so, in the form of questions — 

“How exactly did you do that?” 

“What should someone look for if they want to do what you did for themselves?”

“Could you explain that process?” 

The guest fumbled and stumbled on all of those questions, over and over again. 

In a 35-minute interview, I counted ONE time when the guest laid out immediately actionable tips in response to a question. 

Look, I’m sure the guest is good at what he does. Many people are. 

Doing what you do it one thing. 

EXPLAINING and TEACHING what you is another thing. 

Many people who can DO, fail at the TEACHING part. They’re not able to codify their knowledge into digestible steps that someone else can follow independently. 

This leads to the expert, the entrepreneur, working him or herself to death, literally — because no one else can do what you do if you can’t teach them HOW. 

Your ability to transfer what you know to others — in such a way that they can subsequently do it without you — is what we call “codification.” 

Some examples—  

A podcast where someone is teaching, even some interview shows where the guest is asked to teach the audience. 

An online course. 

A reference-guide book (think of the “… For Dummies” series). 

All of these = codification. 

When you learn to codify and master the skill, you can replicate yourself as much as you like. 




Live events. 

Any kind of information product requires codification. 

I have an Audio MasterClass on Codification that will help you translate your knowledge into materials that work FOR you. You can get here: 


-Dre Baldwin 

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