VIDEO: “Applying The Pro Athlete Mindset To Business” @ MDMC

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Watch as I share 5 mindset principles of the pro athlete to an audience of digital marketers, executives and entrepreneurs at UMSL’s (University of Missouri – St. Louis) Midwest Digital Marketing Conference.

Notice the audience’s attentive note-taking as I speak. The stuff I share is both enlightening and action-based. I’m not  motivational speaker; the effect of my content lasts MUCH longer than the time I’m allotted to speak – and you won’t remember it all without notes.

MDMC was my first time in St. Louis; new experiences combined with an opportunity to deliver to a willing audience is always a win-win. Check my Instagram to see some photos from the event, with more on the way.


My name is Perry D. Drake and I am a professor of digital and social media marketing at the University of Missouri – St. Louis.   I also run the Midwest Digital Marketing Conference (MDMC) held in St. Louis every April with approximately 1,500 attendees and featuring speakers from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Under Armour and more.
Dre Baldwin was a speaker this year at MDMC17.  He delivered an outstanding presentation with rave reviews titled “Applying The Athlete Mindset To Business.” It was rated very highly by conference attendees. He was engaging, entertaining and educational the entire time.  Attendees were constantly taking notes through laughter and fun.  Everyone really connected with Dre and the message.
I will be having Dre back next year for MDMC18.




I know you’re interested in having me as a speaker at your event – let’s take initiative and connect. Learn more here about how we will make it happen. 

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