Mental Prep: Be Mentally Ready For Whatever Can Come

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Mental Prep - Dre Baldwin

Presently, I’m looking at a future situation over which I have 0% control. The outcome is completely someone else’s decision, and I’m doing my best to remain as detached as possible, emotionally, from result.

But I can’t lie: I will have a strong reaction no matter which way things go: really happy or incredibly pissed off. I feel strongly enough about my case that I’ve allowed myself to care about this one a bit more than usual.

Even though I don’t control the outcome, what I have done is mentally prepare myself, for both possibilities. I know what I’m going to do if things go my way, and I’m ready to make repairs if things go the other way. Funny thing, I’m actually excited for either outcome.

I’m able to feel this way because, to borrow from Tony Robbins, I’ve framed each outcome in a way that I’ll benefit from it. The energy of the outcome will be fuel for me.

We all do this — thinking a lot about stuff that didn’t even happen yet, or considering every ramification of an outcome we have no control over. Short of eradicating this behavior, what we can do is work mentally to shape the outcome as something that works for us no matter which way it goes. This is in the vein of Robert Greene’s concept of opportunism: whatever happens, we turn to an advantage. With this, there is nothing bad that can happen to you.

They are just objects and situations to be manipulated and put to good use.


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