Method Man: Are You Driven By Following Methods Or By Getting Results?

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Method Man: Are You Driven By Following Methods Or By Getting Results? - Dre BaldwinI heard someone explaining the difference between being driven by results versus being driven by method.

A method-driven person makes a plan of action and sticks to their way of doing things. Even when the outcomes are not great, a method-driven person sticks to the script and follows the plan, even when the plan is outdated and circumstances no longer fit the method. A method-driven person is married to their way of doing things. Method-driven people use phrases like, “this is how we’ve always done it” and “we don’t do that around here.” The method is the sheep that willfully walks off a cliff to its death.

I have been this person before. Until the above concept was thrown at me in a way that it got through to me, and I moved towards the other type:

A results-driven person starts with a plan also, but unlike the method person, the results person is only married to the outcome, not how it is achieved. Results people will throw their entire plan out the window if it gets them closer to the desired goal. Results people can be unpredictable at times. The results person finds an advantage in every single situation and exploits it.

Results people and method people don’t usually get along too well when their power is equal. A results boss can hire a method person, and direct changes in the method when necessary. A method boss would probably end up firing a results employee — unless the employee quit first.

Question yourself and your behavior: What is your desired result? Are you controlled by your method or by reaching the outcome?