Million Dollar Speaking by Alan Weiss (@BentleyGTCSpeed) [Book Review]

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“Most professional speakers, as I write this, undercharge and overdeliver!
If that hasn’t corralled your attention, I don’t know what will. My paramount consideration in the pages that follow is that professional speaking is acareer—notwork, not a job, not a “gig,” not a hobby—and that someone engaged in it should expect to earn sufficient money to maintain one’s desired lifestyle. This is a business, and you are in business no less than the people whom you address from the platform or the front of the room are in business.
No businessperson wants to hear from a hobbyist or expects to be billed in a nonbusiness manner.”

My lady introduced my to Alan Weiss’ work a few years ago. I’ve been a fan and reader ever since.


The best thing about Alan’s style is that he cuts to the most important part of all we do at work: Generate business, and maximize that business. Not opinions, or looks, or any of the myriad things we sometimes do for vanity that make us no money. He gets straight to the point and always comes from an angle of maximization, abundance, and value.


Alan has written on consulting, coaching, speaking, contracts, proposals, and other stuff that I’m probably not aware of. His next book is about leveraging the fact that you’re 60+ in age (if you are indeed that age).


This book covers the speaking business from every angle I know of the speaking business. Bureaus, ideas for both new and veteran presenters, fees, collecting your money, creating products, and anything in between all the above.

You Should Read Million Dollar Speaking IF: You want to make money for standing on a stage and speaking your expertise.


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