Do You Have These Symptoms of The “Modesty” Disease?

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You’re being too modest. 

You have the talent, the skills and knowledge to be doing a lot more than you’re doing currently doing — but you have this nasty habit of hesitating. 


Do You Have These Symptoms of The "Modesty" Disease? Dre Baldwin
  • Thinking about what the people who know you would think of you doing something that’s “out of character.” 
  • The criticism from random people who’d see you doing and being something that they would never do. 
  • Because you’ve constructed this perfectly neat box around who you are and what you do, and you’ve been living in this box for the last __ years. I mean, life’s not terrible — why step out of the box now?

You’ve convinced yourself that you can *walk* from where you are to where you’re going. When you look at the situation, though, you know you’ll run out of time well before that even happens — but living with the lie is better than facing the risk of taking a leap that challenges your accepted identity. 

So you play it small. 

Follow ALL the rules.

Compromising on everything. 

Valuing “getting along” over anything else. 

You don’t push the envelope or challenge anything or anyone, ever. 

And you do well-enough to sleep at night (most of the time). 

And you justify it all by calling yourself “humble.” Being anything other than that would be… WRONG. 

How’s that working for you? 

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-Dre Baldwin 

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