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I’ve published a lot of video, over 7,000 to be exact, 6,000 of which are public. On this page I share my 10 Most Viewed Videos Ever, and share a little bit of background on how each vid came to be.


1. Simple Daily Dribbling Drills – FULL Workout

  • Views: 1,000,000+

The long version of video #5 below, I made this one 5-6 years later to show players not only how long it takes to do a full circuit — 10-12 minutes — but also that I actually do this myself, and I did with every workout for years. This is probably my highest-grossing video in terms of ad revenue ever, due to its length and stickiness.

2. How To Improve Your Left Hand Dribbling & Finishing

  • Views: 1,000,000+

Most players I’ve seen are quite deficient when comparing their ability to use their non-dominant hand to their dominant hands. For some reason my left hand was always good; maybe even better than my right. This series is simple yet incredibly effective.

3. How To Do An NBA Crossover

Views: 960,000+

Besides dunking, crossing over a defender is the next-most-desires ability most players want. This one breaks the live down into its specific elements.

4. How To Practice The Crossover Dribble — Step By Step

Views: 579,000+

A breakdown of how the crossover can be practiced, and what specifically to work on and watch for.

5. Simple Daily Dribbling Drills – Quick View

Views: 516,000+

I made this video in the same gym in which the phrase Work On Your Game was born. Players had been asking me about ball handling practice methods; this is the very series I will have my own children doing if they want to play basketball.

6. 3 Best Vertical Jumping Exercises

Views: 497,000+

Dunking the ball is like a right of passage for developing players, even though the ability to dunk rarely if ever impacts a player’s status in the game. Here I explain the best training methods a player can utilize to jump higher, faster.

7. A Random Game Of 1-on-1 In Tampa

Views: 437,000+

I rarely played any form of basketball on concrete during my playing days. I was at these courts on a lonely weekend afternoon, just shooting around, and this guy challenged me to a game.

8. Ball Handling Drills Pt. 1

Views: 307,000+

One of the first videos that put Dre Baldwin on the map. I remember making this one in the enclosed racquetball courts at the apartment complex I lived in at the time. There weren’t any basketball courts close by, but I could work on my handle in there — and I could test out my brand new (second) video camera.

9. How To Protect The Ball When Driving To The Basket

Views: 289,000+

Amateur players may think they have the game figured out when they can finally make move to get past a defender — only to have that defender or one of his/her teammates strip the ball out of your hands on your way to the basket. This video explains how to ensure that does not happen.

10. Weak Hand Drill Circuit

Views: 285,000+

Many, MANY players have always needed help in dribbling with their non-dominant hands. This video was another in a long line of similar vids sharing a circuit a player can do on a consistent basis to be a stringer ball handler.