How Much Time You Should Spend On Your Craft

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Young basketball players often ask me how much time they should spend practicing. Or who much time I spent practicing at their age. When I don’t have a real answer for them (I never counted the time I was spending playing/practicing basketball), I get, what’s the average?

I get it. They want to have something to measure themselves against, a way of knowing of they’re putting in enough work (which is strictly relative — what’s enough for you might be too much for the next person). I like to think counterintuitively; if you didn’t know that, you’ll learn the more you read and hear from me.

Here’s the answer to the “how much practice time” question.

If you’re looking for the answer, you’re in the wrong craft.

When you find the right job/business/sport/hobby, you won’t even look at the clock. You know those days that turn into nights with you doing something or spending time with someone and you didn’t even realize what time it was? Or how many hours had gone by? When you find that, you won’t be counting time. You’ll just be hoping there’s more time for you to pour more of yourself into what you’re doing.

So how do you get there?

Start by asking yourself a better question: How can I take ____ (thing you’d do all day without counting time) and make a living out of it?

More on this is coming. Grab my 101 Content Ideas PDF for a start.

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