My 3 College Claims To Fame

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Sheetz Dre baldwn dreallday.comThese are 3 things I did (or were done to me) in college that solidified my legacy at Penn State Altoona:

  1. A gas station called Sheetz (which is a hell of a place for not only gas but made-to-order meals, no-fee ATMs and needs to expand south) used to do their gas pumps by the honor system: Pump as much as you need, then go inside and pay for it. Me, the broke college student, [allegedly] abused this multiple times and Sheetz eventually converted to the no-honor system; which we pegged “Dre-Proofing”.
  2. I hacked and bullshitted my way through my senior internship working for a guy named Phil Sky. In my defense, Phil Sky didn’t have a clear idea of what the hell he wanted done, and my internship coordinator suggested that internship to me. So there.
  3. My last college basketball coach Armon Gilliam stated in an interview, when asked a question about dismissing me from the basketball team my junior year, that players with my style were “ruining college basketball.” That was a good one. Gilliam got fired after 3 years at Altoona, FWIW.

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