My AirPods Stopped Working, And I Had to…

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I went for a bike ride the other day. 

12 miles across the Venetian Causeway and into South Beach, then back across. The weather was beautiful and I hadn’t ridden in awhile. 

Crossing the Venetian and riding in the heart of Miami Beach on a warm, sunny day is one of my favorite experiences. 

Then my AirPods stopped working. 

My AirPods Stopped Working, And I Had to... Dre Baldwin

It was my fault; I was listening to something from my Apple Watch, and tried switching to listening from my phone. I think I confused the ear buds as to what the program was. 

The AirPods still worked fine after I’d placed them in the charging case back home, but I had to ride the 6 mile return trip home with no sounds pumped into my ears: no music, no podcasts, no audiobooks. 

I had to deal with the horror of listening to… the sounds of nature. My own thoughts. 

Imagine it. 

The “quiet time” helped me though. I came up with some content ideas. I thought of a creative solution to a specific challenge I’d been dealing with for months. 

We all need space to listen to ourselves. It’s getting harder and harder to do it voluntarily, though. 

Sometimes your AirPods have to malfunction on you. 

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-Dre Baldwin