My Post-Grad Continuing Education: Reading

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“When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left I buy food and clothes.” – Erasmus

When I was getting set to graduate from Penn State, I knew I was never going to enroll in school again in my life. Though I haven’t changed my mind since, I wasn’t content to never learn again. Thus, books.

my continuing education reading books dre baldwinBut I have always had an inclination to learn outside of just what a teacher says I should know. And fortunately I have an educator for a mother who had my sister and me reading from a very early age, with no shortage of books to read in the house growing up. I’ve always read, for pleasure and for enrichment through the years. Since out of school, I’ve picked up the pace even more — I review books I read here on this site.

Often times, before iBooks and smart phones invaded my world, I would go to book stores and just peruse the aisles of certain sections (sports, business, personal development, self-help) browsing book spines and grabbing what caught my eye (that’s how I found my favorite author).

This post by Ryan Holiday agrees with some of my thoughts on reading. Reading is not something you/I do when you “find the time”. It’s something you make time for, a priority. Just like sleeping, eating, watching your favorite shows, and whatever else it is you like doing.

I admitted in a video I have coming that not much I learned in college classes has helped me in my post-schooling life — actually close to none of it — and reading has been my continuing education. Just like with physical skills, you don’t plateau in life: you’re either getting better or getting worse. Your brain is a muscle — it expands or it shrinks. You have the choice on which.

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