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[Question:] What are the different ways to develop self discipline?


  1. Become a robot*. Do the same stuff, the same way, at the same time, every day. This is what the MOST disciplined people do. I’m in this category of humans. *Disclaimer: most people aren’t capable of this and would rather die than be so robotic in their daily lives. But this is an option, so I had to include it. Read on for what to do if you’re in the 99% of the population who can’t be this.
  2. Create duplicatable processes & systems. This is the key: have processes for how you do things, and stick to those processes. This way you don’t have to think about what to do or how to do it — you just follow your system. A cool bonus to this is that you can make your own system, so you don’t feel as if you’re being force-fed someone else’s ideas. Example: Laying out your (work, workout) clothes the night before so you don’t have to find / decide on them in the morning. Simple, but very effective. Another: eating your meals at the same time every day. Discipline is simple when you reduce it down to small things that add up.
  3. Reduce your decision making situations. Going hand-in-hand with the previous. Systems reduce the need to make choices (or narrows your choices to a manageable few). Steve Jobs was famous for wearing the same clothes every day, so he could save brain power for bigger decisions, like the products Apple was working on. If you decide that you’re gonna exercise first thing every morning, that “decision” is now eliminated — you’re doing it no matter what’s going on. A lot of discipline is habit and routine; when you have systems in place and you stick to them, they become habits to the point that you don’t even realize that you’re working a system as you do them.

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