VIDEO: Getting Into An NCAA Basketball Program From Europe (Or Anywhere Outside The USA)

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Most important thing is that you must be pro-active and make the first moves to initiate contact. And you need video so coaches can see what you have to offer. These are your responsibilities, no one else’s.


  1. Hey Dre, first off love your page and youtube videos!

    Secondly, I play in a small town in Canada (about 48000 people). I’m doing things to try and gain exposure to play in an NCAA DII/DIII University -- such as playing for my JV HS team (Grade 9s and 10s at my school are typically only candidates for JV spots) and potentially playing for a regional team that will travel around the country to play. Do you have any suggestions on other things I can do to gain that exposure? I’ve read all of your blog posts and after my junior year I intend to extend what I have to offer to universities personally. But is there anything else I can do?

    PS: I have never used drugs or alcohol, and I have an average grade of 93%, I also start for the team (thanks for that too, you along with Devin Williams over at 10000 Hours were crucial in making that happen)

    • Toni, you can improve your performance where you are now — high school — and the exposure will find you. You don’t need to go chasing it.

  2. hi dre, im 15 and i live in to the uk, I’m working hard to turn my dream into a reality, my question is when i’m recording my game footage, should i send it to ncaa colleges in a mixtape or as big chunks of videos. Also how much are ncaa scholarships from the uk. Thank you very much sir.

    • Samir, focus on where youre at, which is high school. Youll need to perform as a junior and senior for your video to matter. Your scholarship question does not make sense to me; read the NCAA guidelines for accurate up to date information.

  3. What is the appropriate age to make a video to send to collage coaches?

    • When a player is looking to get into college as a player. This would be yiur junior or senior year of high school.

  4. hello dre I’m a Nigerian aged 16 how can I get my highlight reel to high school coaches? I wanna transfer and play basketball at a good high school in the states

  5. I’m sorry,I’m asking this again dre,but do I have a scope for making it to the basketball college team when I have never played in high school and in college in usa?
    Can I make it to the team if I try for it during my masters during my post graduation?

    • “Do I have a chance” and “can I make a team” are questions you need to ask and answer for yourself. Not anyone else.

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