#33: Why You Need To Value Time Over Money [WOYG Podcast]

May 7, 2016 #33: Why You Need To Value Time Over Money [WOYG Podcast]

“Time is Money.” We’ve grown up hearing this and you probably use it yourself. Is some cases, it’s true. But to live a life by this motto is suicide: Time is much more valuable than money. Dre explains in 6 points exactly why that is and what you can start doing to get on the correct side of the time-money equation. 1) You can create more money but not more time. So… 2) Move away from trading your time for money. You are losing every single second of this exchange! 3) Start watching your time like you watch your money. You wouldn’t let me take $20 from you, so why allow me to waste 20 minutes? 4) Outsourcing: some people, despite this, will always offer their available time in exchange for money. Take advantage by knowing your hourly value. 5) Learn and start applying his very valuable word: LEVERAGE 6) If you must trade your time for money, leverage that time to get something out of it. Make it work for you.

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