New Ends & New Beginnings

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New Ends & New Beginnings | Dre BaldwinPeople go through changes in their lives. Starting new stuff and bringing other engagements to an end. Getting new hairstyles and changing automobiles. New jobs, and new circles of friends. New diets, and breakups from bad relationships.

But, in the end, people remain exactly the same person at their core.

The person you knew at 8 years old is still in there, just taller and smarter and with facial hair or breasts. Fundamentally, we stay pretty much the same. I still see a lot of who I was as a child in me now in my thirties.

As adults, we just grow more sophisticated, i.e., better at showing what we want you to see and hiding what we don’t want you to see. But it’s still there — you just have to train your eyes to see it.

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