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I have friends who don’t do anything similar to what I do. 

People who don’t write or read books. Who didn’t know what podcasts were until I told them I had one. People who you couldn’t find an online profile of them if you looked. People who go to sleep at the same time I’m waking up. 

They’re not professional speakers and they don’t have any “digital assets” to their names. 


Because one day, I’ll need something from one of them — someone who’s in a completely different world. And one day they’ll need something from someone like me. 

I don’t want a circle of people who are just like me. 


The conventional wisdom says you should connect with “like-minded people.” Many people take that to mean people who have similar goals and are doing similar things. 

A lot of __________ (profession) only know other __________ (profession). 

Here’s the challenge with that. 

Being that you are human and imperfect, what will you do when you need something that requires a skill or resource that you — and your just-like-you friends — don’t have? 

Being that you are human and imperfect, what will you do when you need something that requires a skill or resource that you — and your just-like-you friends — don’t have?  Click To Tweet

You and your circle will be a bunch of people all missing the exact same puzzle pieces. 

If you’re an entrepreneur, make friends of those who work 9-5 jobs. 

If you’re an athlete, meet some people who only go to the gym because they feel guilty for paying $75/month and not using it. 

If you’re young, know some old people. If you’re old, connect with the youth. 

Nobody’s great at everything, no one knows everything, and it’s scientifically impossible to be in multiple places at once. If you try to defy one of these, you’ll fail. 

But, you can meet people who are knowledgeable where you’re ignorant. Who frequent locations where you’ve never been. Who are known in places where you are a nobody. 

Not just for the novelty of it. Because one day you’ll need each other. 

Look at your circle. How much diversity is there? Where are there gaps that need to be filled? Reply and let me know — I read all responses. 

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