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I mentioned this to my text community and on my Instagram Story over the past few days. What follows are all the details.

Focus: Personal and Professional Development. 

This includes mindset, entrepreneurship, sales, relationships, marketing, branding, self-image. If you enjoy the Work On Your Game Podcast topics or my books, this coaching is for you. 

(Many have asked, so to be clear: this is not basketball training. An athlete will learn from the Mental Game aspect of the program, but I will not be teaching you how to play ball.) 

What You Get: 

1) A live Zoom training every week, done 100% by me. Same day, same time. 

I will poll the group with some possible times, and let the group vote. 

There will be a Q&A session after every training. 

Total time: 60-90 minutes. 

Recordings will be available to all members to re-watch sessions, or catch any that you don’t make the live call for. 

2) A daily mindset text from me. 

3) Anything else added will be a bonus — I like bonuses — but for now, points #1 & 2 is everything. Make your decision based on this being everything you get. 

Your Investment


Why such a low price? 

For you, this setup allows more of you to join my ecosystem. 

For me, the scale makes the time investment equitable. 

Which leads to the next question, and the “catch”… 

How do I start? Is there a catch? 

The catch is this: I’ll move forward with this ONLY if I have AT LEAST 30 commitments from those who are interested. 

What’s a “Commitment,” Dre? 

Two things —

1) Reply to this email with a simple “interested.” 

If I get at least 30 “interested” replies, I will make a simple, private order form for those committed people to advance to step 2… 

2) Pay a [fully refundable] first month of $97. 

If we get 30 commitments (payments), we move forward. 

If we don’t get 30 commitments by Monday March 15 — for example, say only 10 people commit and pay $97 each — I’ll refund each person’s $97 and that’s it. 

Bonus For the “First 30”: 

Each of the first 30 to join (and only if we get 30) will have a free 30-minute 1-on-1 session with me. (I normally charge $297 for a one-time session.)

Interested? Text Or Email me with “Interested.”

Not for you? All good. 

That’s it. 


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