“No” Is Not Definitive

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"No" Is Not Definitive | Dre BaldwinTake “No” for an answer. But at the same time, don’t take “No” for answer.

Someone’s “No” just means they’re not open to what you’re offering at the moment. But you can wear down a “No” the same way the waves of the ocean beat against the rocks on the beach. Over the years, those rocks become grains of sand. It’s hard to move a rock, but grains of sand can easily side through your fingers.

Anything can be worn down if you’re persistent enough. Ask for the same thing enough times (or to enough people) and you’ll eventually get it. A “No” is never a closed door. It’s just a test to see how many “No’s” it will take to get rid of you.

There shouldn’t be an answer.

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