No One Blames The Gym For Lack Of Results…

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No One Blames The Gym For Lack Of Results... | Dre BaldwinYou probably know someone who has a gym membership that they pay for every month, but doesn’t actually go to the gym. If you ask him about it, he would probably tell you he needs to go or just cancel the membership since he’s paying for it. I’ve had this conversation many times. When I worked at a gym I heard all kinds of fitness aspirations from people when they learned what I did for a living. Despite that, I’ve never heard anyone blame the gym for their lack of fitness.

I’ve never heard that there wasn’t enough equipment, or not enough classes, or that the treadmills weren’t fast enough. Society has agreed that the results anyone gets form the gym are 100% the responsibility of the member.

So why do we find it so easy to blame others when we don’t get result in anything else?

That job wasn’t good. That business wasn’t what I thought it would be. Those people didn’t support me like they said they would. My customers were too cheap. 

You can’t pay anyone to do your pushups. Pushups happen everywhere else too — your job, your business, your relationships.

Chin to the ground at the bottom, elbows locked at the top.

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