No One Came To Open The Gym [Daily Game]

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Check It Out

My gym always has two people working when it opens in the morning. Somehow they both snoozed their alarm clocks on this day.

Above is a photo of the gym in my building. I never work out there — it doesn’t have enough weights or heavy enough weights, for one. And, I like to get out of the building and around other people. But, I used it one day this week. Because no one came to open the gym that I pay a monthly membership fee to go to.

There’s a morning crowd of 7-8 member regulars who are always there before the doors open every day. We were all there before opening time. By the time opening was ten minutes late, there were 20 people. By the time it was 27 minutes late and I left, there were 45 people congregated outside the gym. Most people were on their phones. Some were IG-Storying. A couple guys paced back and forth past the front door, glaring at it as if doing so would magically make an employee appear. One guy was doing push-ups on the concrete.

For Your Game

  1. Have a contingency plan, even for the most (seemingly) guaranteed things — like the gym opening on time. You never know when you’ll need it.
  2. If your workout is dependent on using certain pieces of equipment — like the gym bros who will hang by the squat racks, doing nothing until someone finishes with one of the racks — your repertoire needs expanding. My home gym hasn’t a single free barbell, and the dumbbells go up to 50lbs. But I knew what I could do with the circumstances. What if the equipment breaks/is being repaired? What would you do then? What if you’re in a time crunch and everything is taken?
  3. The job is your first priority. The method is secondary. The circumstances never stop you from doing what you’re supposed to be doing.

When did you last need a contingency plan because something or someone dropped the ball? Reply and share.