No Worry When You’re Prepared

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No Worry When You're Prepared | Dre BaldwinI heard a story told by wrestler HHH about him hanging in Floyd Mayweather’s dressing room before a big boxing match. HHH came in and said hello to Floyd, talked for a few minutes and then sought to excuse himself so Floyd could get prepared for the fight.

Except Floyd didn’t want HHH to leave.

You need to get ready for the fight, man — I’ll go, HHH said. But Floyd was adamant: stay and hang out. The fight starts in 30 minutes, Floyd said. If I’m not ready now, nothing I do over the next 30 minutes will change that.

People ask me how they can get themselves ready just before a game or performance. What to say to themselves, what music to listen to, how to warm up — as if this is going to make the difference in what happens. I am a believer in putting yourself in your proper state to perform, but if you haven’t put the work in way ahead of ShowTime, nothing you do the day-of is gonna help you. Floyd had trained for months for the boxing match. He didn’t need to get hyped up or memorize a game plan or state affirmations on fight night: the work had already been done. He was either going to win or lose that night, but it had been determined months ahead of time.

You can’t always control everything — your opponent in a sporting match, for example. But the things you can’t control, you can never control, so no use worrying about them. You only worry when there’s something you could’ve done that you haven’t done in preparation.

You can’t control the response of the audience, but you can be prepared to speak.

You can’t control the weather, but you can control setting up the venue and the band.

You can’t control the other team, but you can have your team ready to play.

If you’ve done your part to the best of your abilities, whatever happens, happens.

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