Nobody Always Feels Like It. Do It Anyway

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Nobody Always Feels Like It. Do It Anyway - Dre BaldwinSome people are more motivated in life.

There are just some, whom you probably know, who always have that energy to go and get stuff done. They’re still going when most people get tired and they’re the first one ready to work when it’s time to start up again. When you don’t feel like it, they do.

What’s these people’s secret?

The secret is this: they don’t always feel like it either. Sure, some people have naturally higher energy and more of a “motor” and are more excitable about things. But they are also human. And just like you, no one always feels like it. The difference is: when nobody feels like it, there are some who do it anyway. They force themselves to feel like it and pretty soon, they do feel like it because they’re in it. And their energy rubs off on others.

If you only did things when you feel like it, how much would you really accomplish? Make yourself feel like it and you’ve taken a step toward leadership.

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