Nobody Wanna Do The Work: What You Do When There’s No Reward Of Attention

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Nobody Wanna Do The Work: What You Do When There's No Reward Of Attention - Dre BaldwinI read a Michael Jordan book where he talked about his mentality when it came to playing in every game the Chicago Bulls had on the schedule.

Mike said that he knew, every Bulls game every season, someone was coming to that arena to see Michael Jordan play in person. That person was attending the only Jordan game they would ever have tickets to, and it was to see MJ play. Jordan said he felt an obligation — a duty — to show up, suit up, and give his best for not only those fans, but for his employers who paid him to play, and his teammates whose performance was based on everyone doing their job no matter how they felt (i.e. being a professional).

That series of beliefs was MJ’s motivation, and where his discipline came from.

Where do you find yours? What do you feel a duty to get done, to be, to have every day because it’s about more than just you and what you feel like doing?

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