Nobody Gives A Damn About Your Hard Work

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I work hard at my job.

I practice every single day and am always studying to improve.

I’m putting everything I have into making myself a success.

Newsflash: Nobody gives a damn about your hard work.

No one cares about how much you’re training, or how much you’ve sacrificed for your dream.

Nobody’s concerned with the money you’ve invested and the challenges you’ve had to overcome.

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There are investments that you must make to be eligible for success. But, making those investments does not guarantee that you’re going to be a success. They just give you a chance.

Your effort matters. I’m not telling you to stop giving it. What I’m telling you is that working hard is not news.

The only point at which people start caring about the effort and the time and money and the focus that you put into your game is when your game starts producing tangible results.

When Kyrie Irving came into the NBA, he was an instant hit with young fans who admired Kyrie’s abilities dribbling a basketball. Players constantly asked me how they could learn to dribble like Kyrie; they wanted to do every drill they heard Kyrie had done.

Kyrie wasn’t the first, nor will he be the last, basketball player to be great at dribbling. What made Kyrie a dribbling icon to so many fans is not that he worked hard at, it or the hours he put into practicing or the sacrifices he made for that game. What made Kyrie matter are the results he’s produced as a player — and only after those results became evident did anyone care about the stuff he did before his publicly-noted success.

Had Kyrie had the same skills but not gone to Duke or made it to the NBA — let’s say had he become a street baller with a local fan base in his neighborhood — much fewer people would give a damn about his backstory.

Nobody wants to hear about your story until you’ve created success.

Once you create a certain level of success, then the people will want to know what came before it.

What’s your story?

How do you do it?

What was your grind?

What challenges did you overcome?

You’ll do a lot of work, then with no one knowing your name. And if you never get to that point where your work is really being seen and talked about, it doesn’t mean that your story didn’t exist or that it didn’t happen.

It’s just that not too many people will want to hear it.

You have a story. Everybody has a story.

You work hard. A lot of people work hard.

There are a ton of hard workers who aren’t gonna make it, whose stories will never be heard.

Harsh? Maybe.

True? Definitely.


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