I’m All Out Of Favors: Help Yourself Now

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What you’re asking me about, I’m 96% sure I’ve covered already in some format.

If you REALLY need the help you say you do, I’ve shared it – go find it.

No, I will not send your lazy ass a link. You’re not serious.

Yes, your situation is unique – as is the situation of every other living person on earth. That doesn’t mean you’re owed anything, and neither is anyone else. Toughen up.

Yes, I charge money for my time. This is business. If you don’t charge money for your time, you should consider why that is. It’s either a lack of demand or a lack of ability.

Yes, I do help people, all the time. I’ve helped more people this year alone than most people help in 75 full years of living.

Yes, I hope you figure it out on your own, too. Isn’t that what lead you to me in the first place?

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