You Are Non-Factor… To Other People

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You Are Non-Factor... To Other People - Dre BaldwinWe get so worked up and excited about things people do and say (especially the negative stuff), so caught up in what their words and actions and what it means for us.

What we should realize that most of the time — nearly all of the time — what another person does is not at all about us. People do and say things for themselves, and we — you — just happen to be there at the moment.

Yes, even when they are talking directly to you.

Look at yourself and the actions you take, the words you speak over the course of the day. Almost every single thing you do is for you, and if it happens to benefit or hurt someone else, so be it. It’s not really about that person.

Yeah, yeah, I know: you are considerate and you think about others and you’re not selfish like that. Even that stuff is just as much for you as anything a “selfish” person does. Charitable acts make you feel good. Giving advice make you look/feel smart. Lashing out helps you release anger and tension.

The most significant person in every person’s life is themselves. Internalize this and stop taking everything so personal. To others, you don’t matter that much.