Why Your Teammates Don’t Pass You The Ball

  1. You’re not (as) good (as you think/say you are). If you were, they would give you the ball.
  2. You’re waiting on/expecting them to just give it to you — if you really want the ball, go get the damn ball. Grab a rebound. Create a turnover on defense and run the floor in transition if you aren’t dribbling. Call for the ball while moving towards it – assertively. Do something with the ball when you do get it.
  3. Bitching about a situation very rarely brings about the change you want. Usually, bitching about it further entrenches people in their current positions — the very thing you were bitching about — and makes it even harder to bring about change. People would sooner get rid of a bitching group/team member rather than appease that one unhappy person. Easier to just eliminate you.
  4. You’re complaining instead of taking action. Action is the cure for your sorrows — and not action in the form of taking. Think of what you can actually, physically DO to change the situation, and do your first thought. No matter the outcome, it is infinitely better than complaining.


From the Bench To Basketball Pro in 5 Years?


Started playing at age 14. Only played one year of varsity basketball - and sat the bench. Walked on in college and played NCAA D3. Then I signed my first professional basketball contract at age 23, starting a 9-year pro basketball journey.

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