“I Deserve A College Basketball Scholarship. Why Have I Not Been Offered One?”

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Understand something: A scholarship is a business transaction. A sale.  Some coach/school purchases your services — your playing ability — in exchange for room/board/whatever else comes with a scholarship. Your “worth” for such a transaction is not set by you claiming you “deserve” one, it is set by the market. If you think you’ve done all you can for a scholarship and haven’t received an offer, then maybe — just maybe — you’re not worth one.

NCAA basketball scholarship dreallday.comI’ll use a simple analogy. Let’s say I want to sell a used car. I place ads on Amazon, eBay, craigslist and put a nice big “For Sale” sign in the front and back windows of my parked vehicle on the street. The price: $1 million dollars.

Do I “deserve” $1 million for the car? Only if someone offers to pay it. If the best offer I get is $10,000, that’s what the car is worth. Could I dress the car up, write better sales copy, and get it in front of more eyes and maybe push the offers up to the $15,000 range? Sure. And that would be my job to do, no one else’s.

If you put yourself in a position where you are waiting to be chosen — i.e., a college scholarship offer, submitting resumes for jobs, a hooker working the street corner — the market sets your value of what you deserve. Not you. If you set a price of $1 million and no one bites, then maybe it’s your view of your worth that’s the issue, not the non-buying public. If the market offers your $10,000 for your car, that’s what it’s worth.

As for you basketball players: Not getting a scholarship is not the end of the world, and the door to playing NCAA basketball is not closed by any means. I didn’t go to college on scholarship — not one single offer — and I played D3 NCAA basketball, which does not even allow athletic scholarships. Being on this website, you’re looking at what became of that person. What can you do? You can walk on. I mean, you feel you deserve a scholarship, right? Then go prove it. This is where the talking and the action get a chance to meet, if you really mean the talk you’re taking. What’s stopping you?

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