Not Everything: No One Is Great At Everything

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Not Everything - Dre BaldwinI’m good at a few things, but sometimes I find myself trying to do everything. This ends up costing me — in time & effort (since it takes me much more of it to do stuff that is not easy for me), in money (there’s only so much time I have in each day to do things that make money), and in psychic energy (it’s much easier on your brain and well-being to do things that are in your wheelhouse, than to struggle with stuff that someone else could do much easier than you).

You may be a go-getter; a stubborn leader who has a hard time letting go of control (my hand is raised high). But, you’ll set yourself free as soon as you grasp the idea of gathering people who can do certain jobs so you don’t have to (try to) do them yourself.

And guess what? For every task you hate, there is someone out there who loves it. Give them a way to express themselves through their work — that very task — and buy yourself some time, and peace of mind.

Doing everything on your own is possible, but it may take you forever to do. Do you really have that much time?

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