Not Really: Saying You Want It Means Nothing. Where Is Your Action?

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Not Really - Dre BaldwinWanting something, and saying you want something, are not the same thing. In my experience observing people who are on either side — I have a lot of it — the more you say you want something, the less I believe you.

It never ceases to amaze me how many pro-basketball hopefuls come my way asking for advice, tips, or help that have no real initiative to actually do anything.

I referred a kid recently (who said he wanted to start a pro career) to my Guides and Tips page, which has 10-15 pages of actionable information.

His response: “I did. What’s next?”
My response: (none).

Which is why I now offer consulting for (hopeful) professional players. But the funny thing is: the lazy ones like the kid from the above story have made no conscious investments into their futures. Books, personal development, and the like don’t get them anything in the moment- so what is it worth? As Jim Rohn says, “some people just don’t have the philosophy.”

When you really want something, you don’t need to talk about it- you don’t want to talk about it. When propel talk about how bad they want something, they’re merely seeking validation. They want to impress you, gain your approval. And when they feel they have it, they’re satisfied, and stop really going after the status’ objective (if they ever were in the first place).

When your actions are reflecting your wants, there is nothing to say.