16 Ways To Know You Should Not Start A Business

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If you are averse to any of the following, starting your own business is not a good idea.

  1. Reaching out to a person who was not reaching out, calling or even thinking about you to talk about what you’re selling.
  2. Getting a person who doesn’t know you to buy something from you.
  3. Selling in general, in all forms.
  4. Marketing and promoting yourself.
  5. Interrupting people from their normal routines to get their attention.
  6. Working for free.
  7. Being unsure of when and how you’ll make money, and how much.
  8. Having no one to blame if/when things go bad or if nothing happens at all.

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  1. Making your own schedule and having to stuck to it.
  2. Avoiding distractions.
  3. Doing a lot of work that will not be recognized, admired or paid for.
  4. Seeing other people doing the same thing you’re doing, seemingly a lot better than you are.
  5. Teaching people how to do things and correcting their mistakes in learning.
  6. Delegating work to others.
  7. Abandoning the idea that only YOU can do things the right way.
  8. Making decisions quickly.

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