Not With You = Against You?

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“If you (are not outraged/don’t care/aren’t doing something) about this issue, then you’re part of the problem.”


I don’t agree. 


I’m all for recruiting disciples to your cause. It’s part of the process to stir people up to join your crusade. Its sales. Sales is part of the game. 


But you can’t sell to people who aren’t buying. 


When I first learned sales, they taught me early on: Not everyone is going to buy this product! 


Some will. 

Some won’t. 

So what? 



In selling, you sell to your buyers. Preach to the choir. Every business owner knows that it costs less to make a current customer a repeat buyer than it costs to turn a stranger into a buyer. 


It used to be like this when it came to individuals and the causes they cared about. Whoever was in, was in. Forget everyone else.


Things changed. 


Now, anyone who’s not on the same crusade as “us,” even those who are indifferent, is obviously wrong. 


I read a book where the author used this very thesis in his introduction. Then the author spent the rest of the book building a weak supporting case (this book will be addressed on the Work On Your Game Podcast soon). 


This approach seems righteous and bold. But it’s a waste of resources for three reasons.  


1) No matter how much you browbeat and attempt to shame people into caring, not everyone cares. You could’ve used that same time and energy on the people who are bought in. 


2) Telling people that they’re wrong for not agreeing with you stirs up a reaction impulse. People who would otherwise ignore you now will find reasons to subvert you, all because you campaigned for attention. Sometimes it’s better to stay quiet. 


3) You might be wrong. If you’re as “right” as you think you are, truth is self-evident. Let time work for you. 


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