Do What 99.9% of Basketball Players NEVER Do. Play the Game You Love. Travel The World. And Get Paid To Do It.

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You're Ready to Make Money Playing Basketball, Provide for Your Family and Live Your Dreams. Make it Reality with The Overseas Basketball Blueprint

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We could share 100+ pages of these as there are SO MANY. Here are a few...

How WHY I Developed The Blueprint

My career in basketball was ANYTHING but easy...

"This is NOT Burger King, Dre!! You cannot have it your way! With that said, thank you for your time today!"
With that, Armon Gilliam, my college coach who'd played 13 years in the NBA, motioned to the double doors leading out of Adler Gymnasium. My college basketball career was over.
I was still a college junior.
I'm 6'4", but on this team at Penn State Altoona (NCAA Division 3) I was playing power forward and sometimes even center. So even though I knew I'd be a guard in the pros, I never got a chance to show it in college. And every time I tried, Coach Gilliam wasn't too happy about it.
Thus, my dismissal. I'd be lying if I told you it was a surprise.

My mind immediately went to solving the real challenge at hand: I KNOW I'm better than every player who's still in that gym! But, they're all playing on the basketball team - and I'm not. And the coach never gave me a shot to show my true game.
There was NO WAY I was letting my basketball career end like that. PROBLEM: I had NO IDEA how to further my career. I didn't know WHERE to go, WHO to talk to, or WHAT to say if I did happen to find the right person. On top of all this, I was coming from a small school and had ZERO game film.
I graduated college in 2004. By 2014, I'd been to 8 countries worldwide playing basketball.
My career happened from literally NOTHING.
How did I do it?
Well, there was a TON of trial and error. Most of those trials ended in error. The few successes more than made up for all the errors, though.

But, there are 3 specific things I did consistently to make my career a reality.
1. I got really CLEAR on WHAT I WANTED and HOW I wanted it - which made decision-making super-easy.
2. I took A LOT of action in finding out what worked and what didn't. 70% of that action resulted in nothing happening.
3. I positioned myself to GET SEEN as much as I possibly could - and made sure I was showing the right things when I did get seen.

What steps did I take? Where did I go? Who did I connect with? How did I create and maintain momentum?
On the flip side, what mistakes would I avoid if I did it all over again?
What would I have done differently while still in school?
How would I have dealt with agents?
How would I market my game film?
Which camps would I attend - and which would I ABSOLUTELY AVOID?
How would I have negotiated my deals?
How would I deal with the many challenges that come with being the only American on a team or in the entire town?
And what would I do if I was starting a career NOW?

If I took the BEST of what I did playing for my professional basketball career and ELMINATED ALL the useless time and money-wasting actions, ideas and people, what would it look like???

Introducing The Overseas Basketball Blueprint

The ONLY 9 Module Professional Basketball Career Course for you to Do What 99.9% of Basketball Players NEVER Do, Play the Game You Love, Travel The World, AND Get Paid To Do It.

Here's what you're getting:

• A 9 module course with 50+ videos and over 4 hours of material

• Full downloadable transcripts of each lesson

• Learn from the Mistakes I Made - And How You'll Avoid Them

• Can you Go Overseas From a Small College - Or NO College At All? YES - Learn How

• What kind of Game Film You Need - and how to gather & package yours the right way

Agents: Do you need one? What they Can - And CAN'T - do for your career

• An entire module dedicated to Exposure Camps And Tryouts - Which to Choose, how to Decide, and What to do once you're there

What To Do - on and off the court - At Exposure Camps to optimize your investment

• How To Network with Decision Makers (Coaches, Agents, Managers, Other Players)

What Is Expected Of You Once You've Signed A Contract

MONEY: Average Salaries? How to Negotiate? What to Accept?

Lifetime Access to ALL course material on mobile, tablet or desktop

Email access to Dre for any questions or help with what you learn

• And Much More...

What's In The Overseas Basketball Blueprint?

Game Film. It's important, we know - but what kind of film do you need? And how do you best get it in the hands of decision makers? I'll explain exactly what and how in Module 3.

Do you need to attend an exposure camp? Well, it depends - learn the best route for YOUR situation, and why.

Coming from a small school? Didn't get much playing time? No school at all, but still want to play? Yes - it's possible. Learn how in Module 2.

Of course you want to get paid playing basketball. What are the pay scales, and what should you expect to get? Is there room to negotiate - and how, if so? Learn all about the money in Module 7.

I've faced a LOT of challenges and made a TON of mistakes in building a career. But you won't be slowed by those - learn in Module 1 exactly what to avoid.

Politics. Networking. Do you know these phrases mean the exact same thing? Learn in Modules 6 & 7 how to use your connections to keep your career moving forward.

How do you find the right agent? What questions should you ask? How much do you pay them, and when? And what should you expect from an agent? I cover this in detail.

You got your first playing contract - CONGRATS!!! Now you have to deliver - or you'll lose your job quicker than you got it. How do you deal with new teammates? What about practices? What if your coach doesn't speak English? Learn how to adjust to a new team in Module 8.

When you do attend a camp or tryout, what should you expect there? Who are the people you need to impress? Should you play team ball, or more scoring-minded? Learn all about camp behavior in modules 4 & 5.

What Others Are Saying

We have hundreds of these - here are few more:


  • Does Dre teach all of the course?

Yes - Dre Baldwin teaches 100% of The Overseas Basketball Blueprint.

  • How long will the course take?

You can take as long as you wish - you have lifetime access!

  • Can I view the course on my phone or tablet?

Of course! The Overseas Basketball Blueprint can be accessed via iOS and Android devices. You'll have a login that allows you to access everything, at any time.

  • How soon can I start taking the course?

Immediately! What are you waiting for?!

  • How much does this course cost?

The entire course, all material and downloads, along with everything you get which I mentioned above, is just $297.

My Personal Guarantee

I created The Overseas Basketball Blueprint to give deserving basketball players the career you've been woking your entire life for. Any product or service I put on the market, i stand behind 1,000%. If this course fails to OVER-deliver what you need to start a career, I insist you request a full, 100% refund.

I'll tell you why.

I’ve spent thousands of my own dollars and years of my own time going to camps, tryouts, mailing game tapes, sending emails and making international phone calls to make my career a reality. I know not just what works in pro basketball, but what doesn't work - and WHY. I get emails from people just like you every single day, asking about agents, camps, money, and making it happen.

Having a Blueprint for your career is a lot better option than what I did in 2004 - and many players still do today: Attend the wrong camps, trust the wrong people, hope wish and pray for a chance, all while watching time & opportunity fly by.

If you're from a small school, didn't play much in college, or didn't even attend college, most people will tell you pro basketball is out of the question. I'm here to tell you it's not - it's fully doable, and I'm living proof of it.

So here’s my offer: If this course doesn’t provide you a CLEAR path to getting your career where you want it to be, I insist you get 100% of your money back. Start my course and see for yourself.

Play Basketball at The Highest Level and
Get Paid For It - RIGHT NOW

$297 One Time

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