One Degree Of Difference

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One Degree Of Difference | Dre BaldwinI usually sleep with the AC set at 75º — during the day it’ll be anywhere from 76-85º (when it’s nap time). One night I forgot to set the thermostat for sleeping and I could feel the discomfort. I woke up sweating through the sheets. I got up and checked the temperature.


I read the book called 212 several years ago. It’s a really short book whose entire message was about the temperature of really hot water versus the temperature of boiling water. At 211º it’s really hot; at 212º it’s boiling. The water was used as a metaphor for the reader’s effort, belief, confidence, energy, etc.

One degree can make all the difference. Thing is, you never know how far — or how close — you actually are to that one degree.

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